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Nevada Donor Network is committed to working closely with all coroner and medical examiners in Nevada to help honor organ, eye and tissue donors’ decision to give the gift of life and healing. The responsibility of our Coroner & Funeral Home Liaison is to provide 24 hour support to all members of the forensic service industry and facilitate a close working relationship between our employees and the employees of our forensic service partners.

Clark County Coroner Receives Nevada Donor Network's Top Honor

Nevada Donor Network is proud to announce Clark County Coroner P. Michael Murphy as the recipient of the company’s Infinity Award. The honor is bestowed upon a person or organization that has gone above and beyond regular job duties to promote organ, eye and tissue donation. The nominations and votes came from Nevada Donor Network’s staff.

Murphy is not only a leader in his own field, but a leader for donation in Clark County. Mike Murphy became a devoted advocate of organ and tissue donation the moment he arrived at the Clark County Office as the Chief Coroner in 2002. He made it his mission to create a culture of donation advocacy among his team. Seeing missed donor potential, he became very passionate with his staff about the importance of donation and helped to turn his employees into advocates. Murphy made it clear that it was no longer an option to say no to donation without presenting a valid reason for the decline. His dedication and leadership have greatly contributed to Nevada Donor Network’s recent success. Over the past two years, the number of referrals coming from coroner’s office has increased more than 700%. There is no question that Mike Murphy’s dedication to donation has saved and enhanced many lives.

Remarkable Increase in Donor Referrals from Clark County Coroner

A renewed partnership between the Nevada Donor Network and the Clark County Office of the Coroner and Medical Examiner has led to a significant increase in the number of lives saved and enhanced through organ and tissue donation. Nevada Donor Network’s organ donation activity increased by 96% and tissue recovery activity rose 64% over the past two years, making Nevada a world leader in the field of organ recovery. That success would not be possible without the support of the Clark County Coroner’s Office. Coroner Mike Murphy’s dedication to organ, eye and tissue donation and his leadership at the Coroner’s office are highlighted in the statistics. In 2012, the Coroner’s Office referred 46 cases to Nevada Donor Network for tissue and ocular donation potential. The number of referrals year to date in 2014 has skyrocketed to 356. The increase in referrals has led to a large increase in the number of heroic tissue and cornea donors.

In 2013, when NDN began to experience an increase in declines and restrictions due to police investigations, Coroner Murphy personally went to speak with the detectives and educate them about the incredible impact donation can have and the role the detectives can play in helping to save lives. Having 30 years of experience in law enforcement and public service, Murphy’s dialogue had quite an impact on the detectives. Since he took that initiative to educate his colleagues in June of 2013 there have been no declines or restrictions for organ donation at NDN.

Murphy also created the “FIRST Team,” a team dedicated to performing coroner investigations during an organ recovery. 

The team performs its investigations at the hospital while the patient is still on the ventilator to ensure that no donation potential is lost due to investigative needs.The most recent initiative he spearheaded is allowing a member of Nevada Donor Network’s staff to be present every morning during the coroner’s office meeting. The renewed partnership ultimately led to the creation of a new full time position at Nevada Donor Network, the Coroner & Funeral Home Liaison. As a result of the changes, the number of referrals coming from the coroner’s office has increased more than 700% in the past two years.


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